Our 2018 Committee

Here is our 2018 Committee! They will be working tirelessly to bring you the best trips, events and club atmosphere on campus!



Elliot shaw

El Presidente. Long-time committee lurker, first year in the boss’ chair, will MUSKI survive? Will he be the best orange president? Friendly as can be and all about the banter, he’s the kind of guy that will unclip your skis down a run, but help you put them back on at the bottom. Elly has a ‘can do’ attitude; double black diamonds, sculling Rivet’s before class, or crossdressing on the reg. We are lucky to have such a good ol’ boy with us.




Brigitte phelan

This is Brigitte Phelan. She is a wonderful young lady who works at the University of Melbourne because apparently complaining about attending uni just wasn’t enough for her.

Fun fact! Many of you have actually popped her cherry. “How?” you ask. Well, if you voted for Brigitte to be on the committee then you contributed to the buttering of her MUSKI muffin. Congratulations!

If you haven’t been so lucky, you may have seen her lead a killer party on Buller last year (no really, she kinda got banned from attending any more trips) or dressed up for one of the numerous MUSKI events. Perhaps her GILF days are some of the most memorable to have witnessed.

All in all, this sexy lady is going to provide MUSKI with a whole lot of fun and if nothing else, a saucy re-election speech.



Josh arumets

First time MUSKI committee, all round great bloke. This speedy second year can be found in his natural habitat “the workers club”. He loves his spicy noodles, being bbq bitch and most of all, huskies, I mean MUSKI. Being one of the keenest members from oh weekend 2017 and shredding the slopes at mount Buller, he is an embodiment of the MUSKI spirit (as seen in piccy).



andy zhang 

Welcoming back to committee for a second year MUSKI’s reigning push-up competition champion Kenny.  Beneath this beefy boy’s colossal pecs is a genuine love for the snow.  It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, he will be out there tearing it up.  He’ll hike Bourke St in a white out blizzard when the rest of the mountain is closed because it’s quicker than lining up with all the Jerrys for Blue Bullet.  He’ll attend ski school in the bucketing rain.  He has a deep love for the park, “because learning a new trick is easier than perfecting your short turns”, which he shares with everyone encouraging all to just send it.  His favourite piece of advice is ‘go faster’.  Kenny’s passion for skiing is infectious.  An all-round top bloke, make sure you get out there and shred with him this season.



jaimie olOrenshaw

Hi everyone my name is Jaimie, yes that is spelt with 2 i’s like a person. I promise to be the number 1 ski hire rep in all Victoria and New South Wales. I’ve got big boots to fill from last year but I personally guarantee I’ll fit your boots and skis perfectly.  I love skiing fast and racing so much, even though my racing pole tried to break my ribs. I’m usually a very fun and caring person unless you tell me Kendrick’s song “HUMBLE.” doesn’t have to be written in all capitals with a full stop. If you do, it’s a completely different song amiright? If you see me around at uni, do say hi because I’m all about making friends. If you’re lucky I’ll let you pat my beloved border collie, Luna, give her a follow on insta, @luna_olo, I’ll buy the first round for the first 100 followers of my beloved pup. I can’t wait to meet you all, we’re in for such a great year on and off the slopes!!!

Lots of love,

Jaimie ‘the throat-cutter’ Olorenshaw



eddie lao

Eddwinton Lao. Long-time uni student, long-time MUSKI kid and long-time friend. The infamous Gremlin made his mark last year on committee and he's back for round 2. If you want someone to party with until close, and back it up a few hours later for first lift, then keep Eddy on speed dial. One of the long-time greats of the club, he sends it for the boys on the dance floor and on the slopes. Nothing can keep this man down. Trust me, I've tried.



jack lynch

Howdy guys,

The name’s Jack. The Lynch name has been around MUSKI for a long time, but now it’s my turn to grab the social position by the balls and give it a red hot crack!

Being elected to MUSKI committee was one of the proudest moments of my life, very similar to when you get accepted into Melbourne Uni...... I imagine. (I go to Vic Uni if you didn’t know, studying my Cert 2 in hairdressing 🙂 )

What I may lack in brain power I make up for by being the life of the party! You’ll find me at the local pub (on or off the mountain) tearing up the d-floor, before tearing up the slopes the next day! I’m always up for a chat, whether it’s trying to determine who has the girthiest snag, cricket stats, normally whilst manning the MUSKI BBQ.

I look forward to making MUSKI social great again with my pal Josh. Anyway, I have to get back to VU, I have a Celtics game to watch......unless anyone can give me their unimelb login to mooch off your wifi, like I do at all of MUSKI’s events.

Catch ya round,



Sam doyle

Sammy D, the man, the myth, the legend. Five-time winner of the Australian “Top Bloke” Award* and long-standing committee member for the best club on campus**, this old meat is ready to put his love of excel spreadsheets to good use as he finally claims the iron throne seat of treasurer for his own. A quality guy, Sammy should definitely be high on your hit-list if you’re searching for someone you can shout a bev or two for (after all, it’s five o’clock somewhere). And hey, don’t be intimidated by his (clearly) steely and imposing exterior, you’ll soon see that Sam “the Real Man” Doyle has no fear of showing off his softer side to those who give him a chance. After all, he’s made it his life goal to once and for all break down the harsh societal expectations imposed upon males (tl;dr: real men do cry).

* 10/10 an actual competition although Sammy was the only entrant 5 years running.

** 100% biased but also 100% correct



PARIS mordecai

The queen of slow and steady wins the race, Paris truly embodies the tortoise, and everyone else is the hare. Except in this version it’s downhill skiing, and the hares don’t stop for a break, and the tortoise comes last. Nevertheless, she has a good time winning last position, and you can catch her having an even better time downing a few bevs the night before in preparation for an early morning of racing. First year committee but a MUSKI senior, and lover of Vic IV’s, you couldn’t ask for a better gal to have a boogie with, or lead you to a podium position.



olivia wood

They say it’s better to have a friend with two chins, than a friend with two faces, so don’t be frightened of this somewhat terrifying photo!!! Olivia is the bee’s knees, she’s like chicken salt on hot chips, you can never get enough. Always up for a bevvie or two with mates or wearing ridiculous and non-insulating costumes in the snow on the walk to the pub, Liv is the spirit of MUSKI personified. And she can send it like a pro, this one has the gear and the idea (when she isn’t wiping out small children, that is). Liv is not someone you want to party with, she is the party.




Not affiliated in any way, shape or form with the Huskies Prosh Team.


Ski Hire Finances

Ski Hire Finances

Liam thomas

Liam Thomas is the worst because he has two first names and also because he took a shit in the ocean once. On the plus side though, he’s a frequent member of the “fuck it I’m still gonna send it” club and was once quoted saying he’d make love to his instructors turns. When he’s not on the slopes, Liam does a bit of everything. Camping, cycling, and even Rainbow Serpent are all in his repertoire. Despite being one of the best blokes within MUSKI, I wouldn’t recommend becoming friends with the fella because it’ll end in a heartbreak when he leaves to go overseas at the end  of this year.